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Sectional flights from professionals for professionals

Only a small part of a large system – and yet so important; expertly manufactured sectional flights from
C.E. Schneckenflügel for your screw conveyor.



High-quality materials, some manual production with quality-tested results as well as service-oriented and punctual delivery are the hallmarks of C.E. Schneckenflügel. This is what our professional and experienced team stands for.


Heavy soils, light wood chippings or finest powders in agriculture, the trades, gardening and landscaping, the cement, lime and gypsum industries as well as the food industry – conveying in all sectors requires robust and low-wear screw conveyors. This is exactly what our knowledge and experience stand for. Our screw blades are, for example, in demand in the following devices in a wide variety of industries:

  • Screw conveyors
  • Cooling and heating screws
  • Screw presses
  • Augers
  • Centrifuges
  • Mixers/agitators
  • Equipment and plants
  • Air control systems
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As soon as we have received your order by phone or email, all data for your individual order is recorded and immediately forwarded – for the fastest possible delivery. We are happy to advise you about custom-built products and special challenges in planning and manufacturing.

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Extensive stocks enable us to process your order quickly:
No long waiting times for urgently needed material are necessary. Our shelves hold an assortment of around 25 steel types in 90 variants – from thin sheet metal to high-quality tainless steel and wear and abrasion-resistant premium steel.

Schneckenflügel- Schritt 2: Materialbeschaffung


Material cutting is very precise with laser or plasma cutters. For our customers this means: Lower costs due to less waste. Both processes are possible, whereby the optimum process for the respective order is selected by the customer. Our experienced experts are naturally also available for in-depth advice and consultation.

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Efficient manual work is required, and our employees ensure that even wear-resistant steel is brought into the right form. To do justice to different dimensions and degrees of hardness, presses  in different sizes are available. One hundred percent quality control is carried out on each screw blade directly at the press. This also applies to special variants such as the offset form, conical designs as well as screw blades with an inclined or progressive gradient.

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On its way to you: You specify the delivery details. Depending on the customer’s requirements, packaging is specified individually for each order, for example in bundled quantities or in cardboard boxes for each item. We make this as easy as possible for you: We label all packages accordingly so that immediate further processing in your company is possible without interrupting the workflow. The delivery time is five to ten working days, and express deliveries are possible if required.

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