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Our video gives you insights into the production of our giant sectional flights (up to 3,000 mm Ø).

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At our headquarters in northern Germany, we have been producing for 40 years special parts – “sectional flights” – which are then used to produce screw conveyors and augers. They are customized with great precision and pressed into shape in perfect human-machine interplay. Each screw is unique and fulfills the tolerances required by DIN 15261.

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We have no problem with tight schedules: Send us your query, and we will give you an offer within 24 hours; after you give us the go-ahead, we will deliver your high-quality sectional flight within five to ten days – even if it is a special design. We also do express deliveries!

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The Schneckenflügel sales force

Do you have questions or need advice? We provide quick answers, competitive offers, and daily status reports – our contact persons from sales and the back office are there for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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We look ahead

For more than 40 years, we have been manufacturing high-quality sectional flights in northern Germany. To do this, we travel all over Europe for our customers – because the best technical conditions, an experienced crew, and selected materials enable us to become continuously faster and more precise and economical.

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We will build your giant sectional flight!

Our unique manufacturing process enables us to produce sectional flights of up to 3,000 mm outer diameter and 60 mm material thickness. We are not afraid of large projects, and we manufacture high-precision customized workpieces. This video shows how this works.

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Timeliness guaranteed
Timeliness guaranteed

To deliver our sectional flights in time for the flight schedule, we get right to work each morning: with modern…

Industry 4.0: We are on the cutting edge!
Industry 4.0: We are on the cutting edge!

C.E. Schneckenflügel is getting smarter. We are in the process of increasing our networking and automation – with the innovative…

Huge blades for your huge projects!
Huge blades for your huge projects!

Our unique manufacturing process enables us to produce sectional flights of up to 3,000 mm outer diameter and 60 mm…

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Customer voices

„They were so precise that I could get a sheet of paper through only a few points on the pipe where they were welded on …”

„… Whoever manufactured those things at your end, or set the machine to manufacture them, did great work. And I know great work when I see it. No part rework, no orientation during placement on the pipe, no measurement to make sure that the diameter is right – just fantastic. If I ever need parts like this again, I know where to order them.”

Harry Pfeiffer | HWM Holzwärme Müllheim GmbH
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