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Did you remember the bevel?

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In an auger, a snow blower, or a fine dosing device for spices in food production, sectional flights are used for various purposes. The specifications we use to manufacture our sectional flight segments are correspondingly varied.

Many variants are increasingly being ordered with a chamfered edge. In metalworking, this edge is called a bevel, and making a bevel is called “beveling”. Not every connection requires a bevel. But if a stable seam is needed – in a tunnel drilling machine, for instance, which is subjected to enormous loads – bevels are used. Beveling individual components is especially important for preparing weld seams. On a sectional flight, the bevel often has other functions as well, such as a cutting edge.

Why is a bevel cut advantageous?

In mechanical engineering, beveling components can be expensive and require a great deal of effort. Even today, many companies use painstaking processes, such as grinding by hand, to create a bevel after cutting.

But for a shape such as a sectional flight, subsequent machining is cumbersome and unwieldy. Then there is the immense material thickness that makes manual machining of the desired precision almost impossible. Modern cutting systems eliminate subsequent component machining and deliver quick, clean, precise results immediately upon cutting.

We can do that for you.

Beveling is no problem for C.E. Schneckenflügel. As in all areas of production, we use automation and digitalization to optimize our processes. Our cutting-edge ZINSER system creates the bevel when the sectional flight is cut. Fast, precise, and cost-efficient. A few years ago, this level of complexity in cutting would not have been possible because many machines’ computing power was insufficient. But thanks to the pivoting 3D bevel head in our plasma cutter, C.E. Schneckenflügel can make cuts in both the inner and outer diameters. This is an important service for our customers, since it saves money in these times of labor shortages and rising personnel costs.

What bevels do you need?

Do you have questions about bevel cutting? We would be happy to support you and advise you on the basis of your drawings about situations in which bevels would be helpful. If you already know that your sectional flight’s edge needs a bevel, we can implement it during cutting and eliminate this painstaking, costly work step by performing it during production. Incidentally, to help you remember the bevel when you place your order, our online order form will soon offer the option of adding bevel cutting dimensions.

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