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Reliability and growth in the face of crisis

We are welcoming new sales and production staff!

We have already used this space to tell you how fast we can manufacture our sectional flights. We continuously work to maintain our performance as a reliable partner for our customers’ production processes. This allows us to deliver precise sectional flights and provide quick quotes and reliable information about delivery times.

Since April, we have been working three-shift operations with an expanded production team at the presses and cutting machines. This allows us to fill more and more especially urgent orders. Good planning has kept our warehouse full. Since the Ukraine war began, we have been able to deliver each order without delays.

We have also received support and restructured our efforts in the back office and in sales. Fabian Schwarzbach and Thorsten Janßen are new to the team.

Fabian is an industrial clerk whose last job was in the food industry. He is looking forward to using his abilities in C. E. Schneckenflügel’s back office. He is taking over for Holger Rumpker, who is moving to Sales.

Thorsten Janßen has been working as a fitter and technician in metalworking for a long time. He has worked in aircraft construction, and his last job was at a metal-cutting company. He is joining our sales force.

This puts us in a good position to continue offering the service you are used to, even as production numbers rise.

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